Cultural Information

The beautiful red umbrella at the top of this page is an unforgettable feature in a shrine wedding. Understanding the cultural differences between Japanese customs and your own home country’s traditions and norms will make your Japan Dream Wedding more authentic.

Our staff is familiar with Japanese and Japanese/Western wedding customs and can help you navigate the tricky shoals of misunderstandings, cultural offenses, distractions and “difficult” situations to arrive safely at a beautiful and effortless Japan dream wedding experience.  Esprit Travel & Tours, a leading Japan tour operator with over 25 years of sending guests exclusively to Japan has the experience you will need to bridge language and cultural gaps.

Below are some common areas of interest at the beginning of your wedding planning process.  Please see our FAQ page for information on the frequent questions about your dream wedding in Japan.

Japan Dream Wedding Bride Ensembles

Women’s Wedding Ensembles

There is endless variety available to the bride at a Japanese wedding – from the pure white of the full Shiromoko gown and cowel hood to the vibrant and brilliant colors of Iro-Uchikake and Hiki Furisode kimono.

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Japan Dream Wedding-Culture-Groom Ensemble

Men’s Wedding Ensembles

When the bride chooses a traditional wedding ensemble her groom begins their married life is an traditional Japanese ensemble that is both timeless and elegant.

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Japan Dream Wedding Cultural Information

Sequence of Events

From the simple wedding with close family to the formal reception to the after-party, the sequence of events in a Japanese wedding follows a set pattern that appears more prescribed than a traditional western wedding.

Japan Dream Wedding Guest List

Determining the Guest List

The actual wedding ceremony in Japan is usually only attended by close family and is a formal event.  We can help you determine how to construct your guest list for a dream wedding in Japan.

Japan Dream Wedding - Wedding Gifts - D112367174

Wedding Guest Gifts

Reception guests in Japan will find a gift at their seat called hikidemono along with a box of confections called Hikigashi. These gifts are from the newlyweds to thank the guests for coming to their marriage celebration.

Japan Dream Wedding-Culture-Wedding Gifts

Goshugi: Gifts for the Happy Couple

Generally, gifts (Goshugi) to newlyweds in Japan are in the form of cash that is conveyed in special envelopes, called Goshugi-bukuro, that are widely available in fine stores. These decorative envelopes provide well wishes.  Learn more here.


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