Wedding Photography

In Japan, you’ll want to record not only the ceremony but all of the special experiences that you and guests create for your amazing dream wedding.


Formal Portraits

Formal Family Portraits

Most of the time in Japan you will see two forms of formal portrait.  There is a group portrait that is often taken at the site of a shrine or temple wedding.  Since the Japanese have small wedding parties for the ceremony itself, this is usually easily coordinated right before or after the ceremony and will be the couple and close family.

Wedding Couple Portraits

Then there are the portraits of only the couple taken for posterity.  Frequently these are taken at famous places and so when traveling around Japan you will often see a wedding photo entourage of photographer, assistants, brides, groups and attentive mothers. Since these famous places are also public, you can often find lots of photos of wedding couples in Japan through public sources.

Formal Couple Photographs

Informal Photos for Fun and Family

Ceremony, Candids and Travel

The final type of photos for weddings involve “everything else”.  So pictures taken at a chapel ceremony (rare), the reception and after party, informal photos taken at the formal photo shoot, photos of the preparation prior to the wedding and, in the event it is a destination wedding, travel photographs to commemorate the trip.  Professionals can be involved in any or all of these types of scenarios.  One thing to know, is that even if you have your own photographer, most wedding venues in Japan will charge you a photographer fee.


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