Travel Services

Our travel planning services are a critical part making your Japan Dream Wedding the event of a lifetime.

Japan Dream Wedding - Wedding Party Travel

Wedding Party Travel

Whether you are in Japan for just your wedding or an entire tour culminating in a wedding or renewal vow celebration, our staff of custom travel planners can provide a unique and exquisitely designed travel package.

Japan Dream Wedding - Cultural Events

Cultural Experiences in Kyoto

To make your time in Japan special for family and friends, we organize unique and personal cultural events and special access to people and places most travelers never experience.  Come and explore the Kyoto we love!

Japan Dream Wedding - After Wedding Touring

After Ceremony Travel

Often wedding guests go on to travel to destinations in Japan other than the site of the wedding.  Because we are Japan travel specialists, we are able to provide customized services for any of your guest’s needs.

Japan Dream Wedding-Honeymoons-Wedding Rocks

Honeymoon in Japan

Perhaps a dream wedding isn’t the only thing you’re wishing for — and you’d like to enjoy some special time with your loved one all on your own.  We know some great getaway spots for either romantic seclusion or a fun and active trip in Japan.


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