Hair and Makeup

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Hair Decorations

Flowers and Ornaments

There is no specific standard head dressing in a Japanese bridal ensemble, such as a veil in western society.  Many Japanese brides who choose a traditional Japanese wedding ensemble (vs. a white western-style wedding gown) choose a simple flower ornament to complement their bridal ensembles.  These colorful arrangements are widely available and can be used with all different hair styling and lengths of hair. These floral arrangements can be worn with the traditional shiromuku, the uchikake or the hiki-furisode.

Hiding the Horns

The tsunokakushi, which means hiding the horns” is said to make the bride a gentle wife, who is not easily angered or made jealous. These elaborate hairstyles, with decorative combs and assorted hair ornaments are more traditional and start with a bridal topknot (a Bunkin Takashimada), a kind of chonmage (a traditional Japanese topknot). Then there is a headdress made from a rectangular piece of cloth, often made of white silk (to match the bride’s shiromuku kimono), which can cover the bridal high topknot.  Some brides will wear this underneath a wataboshi hood.



The White Cowl

The closest thing to a bridal veil is the wataboshi, a white hood that is worn only with the shiromuku.  This is the most traditional of head dresses and is worn only outside in outdoor receptions at a Shinto wedding. It is never worn with the colored wedding iro-uchikake kimono, or during indoor receptions. Underneath a wataboshi you may find a second decorative hair do with multiple decorative combs and assorted hair ornaments.

Who Doesn’t Love Nail Art?

The range of nail art available to the average Japanese woman is astounding and many of them get special handling for their weddings.  These elaborate efforts (sometimes a different design for each fingernail) speak to their natural love of color, design and variety and help to create a special experience for the big day.

Nail Art


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