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We provide a complete Japan Dream Wedding package so you can relax and savor your time in Japan with your friends and family. Enjoy the wedding of a lifetime with your Japan destination wedding.

Our travel package coordination staff provides a complete package for you and your guests while they are in Japan, including all hotels, transfers, touring and anything needed to make your entire trip a success. This is done through Esprit Travel & Tours, a leading Japan tour operator with over 25 years of experience sending guests exclusively to Japan.  When planning your destination wedding to Japan you’ll want to be sure to choose a partner who has shepherded thousands of travelers through the cultural intricacies of this very foreign country.

Our Japan-based wedding services are coordinated in conjunction with Wedding Pro Japan, a company which has been doing business for over 20 years and has done over 6,000 weddings. Daniel and his team of professionals take care of every detail to make sure your special day is the highlight of your Japan destination wedding.

Below are some of the services included in your wedding package.

Japan Dream Wedding-Services-Wedding Ensembles

Traditional Wedding Clothing

Have you always dreamed of being married in a beautiful white kimono and a colorful uchikake? The Japanese typically rent their wedding ensembles and we can assist you to find the perfect ensemble for your Japan dream wedding.

Japan Dream Wedding Hair and Makeup Services

Hair and Makeup

You want to look great for the big day!  We can help with not only advise on cultural norms, but also finding the service professionals you’ll need to prepare your hair, makeup and nails for the photos and ceremony.

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Japan Dream Wedding Venue Selection Services

Venue Selection

Traditional Japanese weddings are held in temples and shrines.  More contemporary weddings are conducted in hotel chapels, wedding venues, gardens or other venues.  Learn more about the many venue options.

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Japan Dream Wedding Flower Arrangement Services


Flower arrangements for the bride, the wedding and the reception will enhance your Japan dream wedding.  From bouquets to banquet arrangements, our staff can help you choose the right floral accent for your wedding.

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Japan Dream Wedding Catering Service


Whether you decide on an intimate private dinner overlooking a temple garden or a fully catered reception at a fine venue, our staff will be there to make it all run smoothly so you can focus on your big day.

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Japan Dream Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Heart shaped strawberries and mounds of carefully sculptured cream are the stuff of wedding cake dreams in Japan.  Learn more about wedding cakes in Japan and how we can assist you to select the ideal offering for your Japan dream wedding.

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Japan Dream Wedding-Services-Photography


You’ll want to choose just the right provider to help you capture all the love as you set out on your journey together.  We know not only how to find the right photographer but how to memorialize the day the Japanese way!

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Japan Dream Wedding Cultural Consultation Services

Cultural Consulting

Different customs and traditions, obscure rules and an opaque culture can combine to make planning a daunting task.  We know how to navigate the differences and provide you with all the guidance you need to make your dream wedding a reality.

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Japan Dream Wedding Officient services


We can help you find an officiant for your Japan dream wedding. Whether a temple abbott, a shinto priest, a minister or a rabbi, our planning services will find the right officiant to meet your requirements.

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Japan Dream Wedding Ceremonial Guidance

Ceremonial Guidance

We provide guidance on the proper sequence, etiquette, roles and rules for your wedding or renewal vow ceremony in Japan. Leave this detail to us and we will set up the dream wedding you’ve been seeking.

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Japan Dream Wedding Services for Legal Marriages


We make sure your Japan dream wedding is fully legal in all jurisdictions. While laws vary from country to country, we can make sure that your marriage has the desired level of legal authority within the bounds of your home country’s laws.

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