The Ceremony

We can help you determine everything from the right officiant to legal requirements and how to accommodate cultural norms into your Japan dream wedding.



The specifics for your ceremony will depend on the venue selection.

Please see the Venues page for some information about the four major venue types or the links below will take you to the specific page for that venue.





Some ceremonies will be similar (for instance, both the shrine and temple ceremony will include the san san kudo ceremonial sake drinking and blessing).  Others will be more ad hoc and depend on the bride and groom’s preference.

Each type of ceremony will have designated roles for the bride, groom, parents, relatives, friends, co-workers and other relationships.  Since your Japan dream wedding is not likely to include some of these categories of attendees, we help you to determine the roles, responsibilities and expectations for each person invited.

Where to be Married

Japan Dream Wedding Ideas


Some of the topics we take into consideration in making our recommendation are:

  • How to choose the right venue for your wedding
  • Guest list and how to decide who will attend the wedding vs. who will be invited to the reception only
  • Who will take on the role expected of the parents if they are not in attendance
  • Dress suggestions for the bride, groom, parents and wedding party
  • Gift suggestions (wedding hosts are expected to provide gifts to wedding guests, see more information here)
  • Wedding vow renewal vs. weddings, what to change and what to keep
  • When and how to use an interpreter, especially if there will be Japanese-speaking guests
  • The use of music at your celebration or reception


The list is endless but our advice can help you navigate your way to a wonderful Japan destination wedding.


Our staff knows the right questions to ask and how to help you start planning for your Japan Dream wedding.

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