Beautiful floral arrangements add a special touch of elegance to your wedding both in the hands of the bride as well as through table and venue decoration.



Japanese brides who choose a western-style wedding will also usually opt for some form of the familiar bouquet.  With the inherent love of flowers that is reflected in the Japanese art of ikebana (flower arranging), the bride’s choice of bouquet will range from the standard roses to a sublime array of carefully chosen blossoms.  While the traditional kimono wedding gear is usually accompanied by a fan, some brides will choose a traditional flower bouquet. These bouquets will usually feature traditional flowers such as pinpon mamu (the green balls) and banda orchids.

Bridal Bouquets

Reception Flowers

The Head Table

One consistent thing is all Japanese wedding receptions is the front table reserved exclusively for the bride and groom. It’s decorated in a large floral arrangement reflecting the color palette chosen by the bride for their reception.

Flowers and Ornaments

There is no specific standard head dressing in a Japanese bridal ensemble, such as a veil in western society.  Many Japanese brides who choose a traditional Japanese wedding ensemble (vs. a white western-style wedding gown) choose a simple flower ornament to complement their bridal ensembles.  These colorful arrangements are widely available and can be used with all different hair styling and lengths of hair. These floral arrangements can be worn with the traditional shiromuku, the uchikake or the hiki-furisode.

Hair Decorations


From bouquets to receptions, our staff can help you find just the right floral arrangements.

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